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by CTServices on September 1, 2011

Tassimo T Discs UprightTassimo T Discs are the ‘secret’ component of the successful Tassimo single serve beverage system. While other coffee makers do have similar options (for example K-cups) it is the intelligent bar code function of the Tassimo Coffee Maker working in conjunction with the Tassimo T disc that sets the Tassimo Coffee Maker apart.

T Discs Especially Made for your Tassimo
Tassimo T discs are manufactured specifically for the Tassimo Coffee Maker with the defining bar code printed on the top of the T Disc. Once the T Disc is inserted in the Tassimo Coffee Maker the bar code is scanned so the unit can work conjunction with the measured contents of the Tassimo T Disc to produce the desired beverage without fuss or mess. The coffee, tea or other hot drink is made within the unit and then runs directly into you favorite cup or mug in about one minute.


The Bar Code is the Secret
The bar code provides the coffee maker with the precise detail of the quantity of water required, the water temperature needed and the brew time necessary to make the beverage concerned. The T Disc itself contains exact measured quantities of the ingredients such as coffee, drinking chocolate or tea as well as the other ingredients such as milk creamer. The end result is that you can make a range of ideally heated beverages such as coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccino and hot chocolate from the one machine.

Tassimo T Discs Enable Choice and Variety
Tassimo T Discs have a range of company names on them including Gevalia, Maxwell House, Carte Noire, Jacob’s, Mastro Lorenzo, Kenco, Twinings and Suchard.Tassimo T Disc Flat

One disappointment for many users is the fact that Starbucks and Seattles Best are no longer included in the list. It is still possible to get some T Discs for these two but the supply is obviously diminishing. This is due to the finishing of an agreement with Kraft and has resulted in more focus on the Gevalia range of Tassimo T Discs

But the ingredient variety is still quite extensive with coffee contents such as Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee, Expresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Crema, French Vanilla, French Roast, Rain Forest Alliance, Voluptuoso, Petit Dejeuner, Kroenung, Africa Kitamu, Columbia

For tea there is Green Tea and Earl Grey.

And a unique feature of the Tassimo T Disc system is its ability to make multi part beverages in two or three stages. For example you can make a two stage frothed milk and expresso layered drink using the appropriate well identified T Discs. At this time Tassimo coffee maker is the only unit on the market that has this capability.

Tassimo T Discs – Where and How to Buy Them
The variety of T Discs available is quite extensive, about 40 or so. The price for individual T Discs ranging from around 50 cents to close to two dollars depending on the ingredients and the company concerned. To buy Tassimo T Discs you need by them in packets which contain a number of servings ranging from 24 through to 32. Maxwell House at around $11 for 32 servings is probably the best priced.

Buying Tassimo T Discs is easy as they are readily found in most major stores and on line. Competition on line is strong so you are able to get a good price if you look around. Specialist coffee sites are good places to start as is Amazon and even Tassimo Direct. One big advantage of online purchasing is that your Tassimo T Discs are delivered direct. No need to go out looking.

And some specialist coffee sites even have a free programmed shipment and delivery service whereby you nominate the quantity and frequency so that a you never run out of your favorite Tassimo T Discs.

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