Tassimo Recall

by CTServices on March 15, 2012

Note: This recall only applies to the United States and Canada. And it is estimated that about 1.7 million Bosch Tassimo single serve brewers are impacted by this recall, 835,000 in the US and 900,000 in Canada.

On February 9th 2012 BSH Home Appliances Corporation in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada made a voluntary recall on some of the Tassimo coffeemaker range and some associated T-discs.

This recall is important because there have been a number of serious second-degree burns relating to spillage and spraying of hot liquid and coffee grounds or tea leaves over people while using the product or standing nearby.

The brewer products are:

Bosch Brand
Model Numbers starting with TAS100, TAS200, TAS451, TA46 and TAS651
FD Number 8806 through 9109

Tassimo Professional Brand
Model Number starting with TAS6512CUL
FD Number 8905 through 9109

For specific details Check Here to see whether YOUR Tassimo is subject to recall.

Enter both your model number and your date code (FD number). These are on the appliance nameplate located on the bottom of the brewer. Then use Submit and the program will go and check to see whether the recall applies to your specific Tassimo Coffeemaker.

If it does you will be registered and then receive a replacement T DISC holder free of charge from BSH Home Appliances who will ship it directly to you.
Note: The Tassimo Professional was only sold directly to hotels and food service outlets. They will be contacted directly.

Details on how to fit the new T-Disc holder can be seen in This Video.

The T-Discs involved in the recall are
Maxwell House (in the US only) Gevalia and Nabob Espresso T-Discs with J code numbers ending between 11213 and 12020. Code information is printed on both the foil lid of the Espresso Drink T DISC and on a side panel of the package.

The registration and refund information for T-Discs, which is a bit detailed, is located HERE

So what is the issue?
The problem is caused by the plastic disc that holds the tea or coffee in place which can burst and cause this hazard. Associated with this is the fact that some T-Discs block up and may cause a buildup of pressure thereby posing a risk to users and near bystanders.

There is no need to return your unit.
Although this has been designated as a recall you do not have to return your Tassimo coffeemaker to the manufacturer. Once you determine that your unit is in at risk you should immediately stop using the device as well is any related T-discs.

Comprehensive information is available here.
There is comprehensive information available on both the CPSC website and the Health Canada websites and links to all of these are provided below. There is a section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which should give you all of the answers that you need to resolve the situation.

Information Links
US Consumer Product Safety Commission – Brewer Recall Press Release
US Consumer Product Safety Commission – T-Disc Recall Press Release

Health Canada – Brewer Recall Information
Health Canada – T-Disc Recall Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Brewer Questions
T-Disc Questions

It is disappointing that this has occurred, especially for those who have been injured in anyway. However this recall is intended to address the issue.

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