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Welcome to the Tassimo Coffee Maker Site – I’m James and have been an avid coffee drinker for most of my life – and that it almost too long to recall!!
First let me say that I am glad that you were able to find the Tassimo Coffee Maker site. Because my aim is to give you the insight and facts you need to understand this clever single cup brewing machine.

While coffee is certainly my regular and preferred drink I am also occasionally partial to other easy to prepare hot drinks. And that is where this magic little brewing machine comes in. It is not just a coffee machine it really is a hot beverage system. Your Tassimo Coffee Maker not only provides a variety of freshly prepared coffee shop style coffees – one cup at a time – at the touch of a button. You can also select one of a number of coffees to suit your own particular taste. As well as that it can prepare a cappuccino or a latte macchiato to boot!!

But if you are not a coffee drinker you can still get your variety of quality teas and hot chocolate from the same Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

And while it may sound as though it is all positive there are some things to watch out for. So we will cover both the pluses and minuses and point you in the right direction to select the best Tassimo Coffee Maker for yourself.


What is a Tassimo Coffee Maker?
A good definition of this clever unit is that it is a Single Serve Beverage machine rather than a coffee machine. There are a number of similar machines on the market such as Keurig, Senseo, Krups, Breville and Hamilton Beach. But many of them are more specifically aimed at the coffee drinker. So they would be better described as single serve coffee machines rather than a Single Serve Beverage Machine.

But the Tassimo is different because not only can it serve coffee it can also make tea and hot chocolate. And the company notes that secret lies in their T-Disc’s which provide the correct ingredient mix, be it coffee, tea or say chocolate. But as well as the ingredients in the T-Disc the Tassimo Coffee Maker also has an Intelligent bar code reading technology which deciphers the information such as the temperature and time needed to prepare your perfect beverage.

So together you have a clever unit that will give you a perfect single brew every time without the ‘mess’ and associated fuss often experienced with the normal household coffee machine.

Tassimo Makes and Models
When it first came on the market several years ago the
Tassimo Coffee Maker
took the scene by storm. The cute little advertising robot intrigued folk encouraging them to find out more. Early models were manufactured by Braun but today by far the more preferred unit is the Bosch Tassimo. This has been well received by those using it. There are currently three models that appear to be the most readily available – the T20, T45 and T65 which essentially are base, mid-range and top-range models. There is also a T10 which while still available seems to be less often found.

Color range and finish for the Bosch Tassimo  includes Black, Anthracite, White, Red and Metallic. For the Bosch T20 model the colors are limited to Black and White.



Special Features of the Tassimo Coffee Maker
One rather unique feature of the Tassimo Coffee Maker is its ability to prepare different beverages one after the other. According to the manufacturer this is because the Tassimo Brew Bot uses a unique barcode on each Tassimo T-Disc which the machine reads to verify the temperature, amount of water, and brewing time for the beverage. This ensures the perfect cup every time you brew. To find out more about these features check out my Tassimo T-Disc details.

And its instantaneous hot water at the right temperature is something that many users find especially satisfying. Other brewing systems take up to a minute or more to warm up. Whereas the Tassimo Brew Bot produces hot water immediately because of its unique barcode identification for each beverage.

Alternative Comment on the Tassimo Coffee Maker
Some users have not been so satisfied with their Tassimo with observations that sometimes there are grounds in their coffee or the unit leaked. Others feel that the coffee produced is not quite up to the standard of a newly prepared cup using freshly ground coffee. Then there are a few who found that the window used to read the T-Disc barcode became cloudy making it difficult for the machine to read the code. However the disappointed ones appear to be in the minority with most commentary being positive.

Why Buy a Tassimo Coffee Maker
One of the best reasons for buying a Tassimo Coffee Maker, apart from the fact that it actually makes really good beverages, is that it unique amongst the single serve machines. Whereas other machines will brew your coffee and perhaps your tea, the Tassimo Coffee Maker makes seven different beverages in individual operations. Then there is the convenience of being able to quickly make a single cup of your favorite beverage and not make a whole pot. Finally it is manufactured by Bosch a well regarded German manufacturer of appliances.

Because of its popularity the Tassimo Coffee Maker can be purchased a number of ways. Amazon has a number of Tassimo Coffee Maker models available on-line. Some larger retail appliances stores such as Sears, Home Outfitters, The Bay and Future Shop also carry them. And the best way to obtain one of these clever coffee makers is from a reputable on-line supplier who has an established business such as Amazon. Another such firm is Coffee For Less who have offered a wide range of coffees, coffee machines and coffee accessories such as T-Discs

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