Tassimo Coffee Maker Descaling

Descaling Versus Cleaning
Any appliance that heats water to near or above boiling point can suffer from a build up of scale. This is especially true in areas that have ‘hard’ water – which essentially means that there are a lot of dissolved minerals in the water. And your soap will not lather!! (Detergent still works)

For an appliance like a Tassimo Coffee Maker scale may be an issue and needs to be dealt with as a separate maintenance procedure. It is different and a little more involved than cleaning.

Cleaning deals mainly with the exterior of the Tassimo as well as the removal of any internal residue left over from the beverage making process. It has nothing to do with descaling which is an entirely separate but equally important exercise.

Scale – What Is It?
While it is called many things like water scale, boiler scale, kettle scale or ‘fur’ they are all one and the same thing. It is a result of salts of calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in the water. When the water is heated they become less soluble with some of the salts being deposited as ‘scale’ on the inside surfaces of the appliance or boiler.

In addition to your kettle an obvious place to look for scale is around the steam jet holes of your steam iron. Especially if you live in a hard-water area. Most steam iron manufacturers recommend that you descale (clean) your iron regularly to avoid having problems much the same as we are advocating for your Tassimo Coffee Maker

Scale Reduction Options
There are a couple of approaches to avoiding or reducing scale and they depend to some extent on what you are dealing with. The first is to monitor and treat the water used so that it is chemically ‘neutral’ in terms of scaling. Large boilers installations take this approach.

Smaller domestic appliances such as an iron or a coffee maker would not be able to use this method because the chemicals used are not so good for drinking. So you can either use distilled or other inert water sources (soft water) or you can periodically treat the appliance with a mildly acidic solution to dissolve the scale. This is descaling and an appropriate solution can be purchased from most appliance centers – or from your Tassimo Coffee Maker supplier direct or from Bosch themselves.

Can You Use A Vinegar Solution
Some folk will be aware that vinegar is really acetic acid and is used diluted in some situations where a mildly acidic solution is needed.
Do not do this with your Tassimo.
Bosch state explicitly – “Never use vinegar or vinegar-based products”

Why Not Make Your Own Descaling Solution
Some folk have come up with a do it yourself descaling solution but it should be emphasized that this is not endorsed by Bosch.

Here is the recipe:
“Mix 1 tablespoon of citric acid or one packet lemon flavored Kool Aid with about 1 pint of water. Make sufficient to fill the water tank on your Tassimo.”

For those that are interested this solution is based on citric acid which is different to a vinegar solution.

Now For Your Tassimo Coffee Maker
Depending on the ‘hardness’ of your water scale may be an issue for you. There are some users who recommend only filling their coffee maker with bottled water but this might be considered somewhat extreme if you have a reasonable water supply. The main reasons cited for using bottled water is taste but the other benefit is that it will also minimize scale.

That said your Tassimo has a inbuilt descaling program which illuminates an icon when descaling is due. And Bosch strongly recommend descaling be carried when the program light comes on to avoid possible damage to the machine.

Descaling Procedure
With Tassimo’s that have a water filter it is imperative to remove the holder and cartridge before starting.

To run the descaling procedure the Tassimo Coffee Maker must remain connected to the power supply.
REMEMBER The unit is still live.

Remove the coffee maker’s water tank.

Locate the service T Disc storage spot, remove it and place it face down in the brew bot T Disc position. Close and clamp the lid properly.

Prepare a quantity of descaling solution as per instructions.

Empty the water tank then refill with the prepared descaling solution. Place the tank back on the Tassimo Coffee Maker.

Ensure you remove the cup stand then place a larger cup or container under the outlet spout. It needs to have a capacity of at least half a liter (500ml) or 17 ounces.

With the tank and container in place
Press and Hold the Start/Stop for a minimum 3 seconds to initiate the descaling routine.

The descaling program will proceed automatically and takes about 20 minutes – it pumps the descaling solution through the machine using several cycles with the used solution running into the container under the outlet.

When the descaling program is finished the tank will have a small amount of descaling solution remaining. This is normal.

When the stand-by Icon lights up it indicates that it is time to rinse the machine

Empty the outlet container outlet and the water tank.
Rinse the tank very well, fill to the top level (MAX) and replace on the unit.

Now open and close the top of the Tassimo Coffee Maker.
Do not remove the Service T Disc.

Press Start / Stop button to initiate the automatic rinse cycle.

Repeat the rinse cycle 4 more times (for a total of 5 rinses) to finalize the descaling procedure.
Rinsing properly is important to remove all trace of the descaling solution and avoid any possible taste contamination.

Now this is all done the descaling process has finished.

Set up your Tassimo Coffee Maker for normal operation again
If you do not have one

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