Coffee Maker Spot

Coffee Maker in Red CupNo matter where in the world you are you can ALWAYS find a spot for a coffee, that delightful beverage that many of us cannot do without – at least one cup per day and often many more. Coffee has been with us for so long and is available in so many places that it has almost taken on a life of its own. And it is prepared in so many ways it is unbelievable.

I can well remember walking down a street in Rotterdam eonsĀ  ago smelling the aroma of roasting coffee as it wafted out of one of the numerous coffee shops along the way.

And then there was that delicious demitasse of thick sweet coffee that I was able to drink every evening on board a ship headed for Europe some years later – delightful

Of course there is also that lifetime habit of drinking coffee which started more years ago than I care to remember. Keeping watch on the bridge of a ship in the dark hours of the night always seemed better with a cup of hot coffee

Whatever your experience of coffee I am sure that you will find something to enjoy here.

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